someone actually thinks

درخواست حذف این مطلب

how close are they?

physical proximity is a frequently used body language indicator that many people don’t notice. if someone is comfortable with you, they won’t mind sitting or standing near you. so an interesting way to see if someone actually thinks you’re okay is to go brush shoulders with them. if they back away, you have your answer!

downcast eyes

we’ll be mentioning a lot of head and eye body language indicators because those are among the most popular and most recognizable. one that has been a trend, especially with younger people, is downcast eyes. you’ve seen this, i’ve seen this, and everyone else has too. when someone is unhappy and they try to hide it by, say, smiling, they may betray their ruse by looking downward. this can also be a sign of being uncomfortable or feeling shameful.

restless hands

have you ever seen someone drumming on a desk or a chair with their fingers? what about people playing drums on their legs? this can be a sign of impatience, restlessness, and even sometimes anger. if you’re lecturing your kids and they’re drumming their fingers on the table, chances are you may not really be getting through to them. when you’re speaking with someone and they’re doing this, it’s time to switch tactics.